Luxury Casino review : what you shoud know about this gaming establishment

Luxury Casino certainly has the name as an online casino. It sounds good and the first time you visit it you are immediately seduced with 1.000 $ free money. Then you have to become a member and deposit at least 5 times. The question is whether you should do that. This online casino is part of the Apollo Entertainment Group and that includes Zodiac Casino and Captain Cooks Casino as well. Of these names it has already been established that it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of reliability. There is also talk about the Casino Rewards Group in relation to Luxury Casino which includes many online casinos. Now it is always necessary when reviewing what the online casino has to offer and what the experience is like. So before you decide to join Luxury Casino, it’s a good idea to take a closer look.



Do you often play in an online casino? Then you’re probably used to go straight to work and gamble on your favorite casino game. Luxury Casino offers that possibility too, but has another option. That’s the option of download HD software to play all Microgaming casino games in optima forma. The casino games come from Microgaming and that’s certainly not a small name. In fact, it is one of the larger suppliers of casino software in the online gambling market. That also means that you have a huge choice of video slots, video poker and table games. The total offer already includes about six hundred casino games. So there’s plenty of choice and everyone knows about Microgaming. For example, the Mega Moolah video slot is available and Luxury Casino labels that game as the millionaire maker’s game. It is indeed possible to become a millionaire and how. In September 2018 the progressive jackpot of Mega Moolah went out with a record amount of money. The winner is thus over 18.9 million $ richer and is even claimed to have done so with a bet of 0.75ct.




It’s nice to be seduced with 1,000 $ free money and Luxury Casino is of course not the only online casino that provides such a big welcome bonus. You just have to do a lot for it. Or at least deposit a lot of money to get the full bonus. The first bonus is quite normal because you get 100% up to 150 $. That’s a small part of the total amount of 1,000 $. Moreover, you already have to deposit 150 $. The second time you get 50% up to 200 $. Then you already have to deposit 400 $ to get 200 $.

It doesn’t get any better, because the third bonus is only 25%. Then you get a maximum of 300 $, but you have to transfer 1,200 $. The counter is already at 1.750 $ what you pay to get the maximum bonus so far.

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